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Rabies Articles
Courtesy of Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand (JMAT)

Vol87_No12_1530 (pdf)
Paradigm Shift in Rabies Control: A System Approach
Chirapol Sintunawa, et al.

Vol88_No1_120 (pdf)
Rabies and dog population control in Thailand: Success or Failure?
Thiravat Hemachudha

Vol88_No2_282 (pdf)
Laboratory Diagnosis of Rabies in Bangkok and the Central Part of Thailand, 2001 - 2004
Veera Tepsumethanon and Visith Sitprija

Vol88 No3 419 (pdf)
Six Criteria for Rabies Diagnosis in Living Dogs
Veera Tepsumethanon, et al.

Vol88 No4 550 (pdf)
Laboratory Techniques for Rabies Diagnosis in Animals at QSMI
Boonlert Lumlertdacha

Vol88 No5_686 (pdf)
Intratesticular Injections of a Balanced Zinc Solution for Permanent Sterilization of Dogs
Veera Tepsumethanon, Henry Wilde, and Thiravat Hemachudha

Vol88 No6 859 (pdf)
Rabies Diagnosis in Human
Supaporn Wacharapluesadee, Thiravat Hemachudha

Vol88 No7 1011 (pdf)
Bat Lyssavirus in Thailand
Boonlert Lumlertdacha, et al.

Vol88 No8 1144 (pdf)
Computer Based Program for Rapid Canine Rabies Diagnosis
Boonlert Lumlertdacha, et al.

Vol88 No9 1319 (pdf)
Rabies Situations in Thailand
Apirom Puanghat and Wirongrong Hoonsuwan

Vol88_No10_1471 (pdf)
Rabies Control in Thailand
Wirongrong Hoonsuwan and Apirom Puanghat

Vol88_No11_1735 (pdf)
GIS and Epidemiology
Nipada Ruankaew



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